Volume XIII: November 2006




Brian J. Whalen

The Relationship between International Study Tour Effects and the Personality Variables of Self-Monitoring and Core Self-Evaluations.

J. Kline Harrison

Assessing International Opportunities in Higher Education: A Matrix-based Assessment Tool.

Sophie R. Kaufman, David N. Ekstrom, and Lillie M. Shortridge-Baggett

Re-Reading Student Texts: Intertextuality and Constructions of Self and Other  in the Contact Zone.

Karen Rodriguez 

Assessing the Field Course Experiential Learning Model: Transforming Collegiate Short-term Study Abroad Experiences into Rich Learning Environments.

Jacqueline McLaughlin and Kent Johnson

Ethnographic Inquiry: Reframing the Learning Core of Education Abroad.

Anthony Ogden

Nontraditional Study Abroad Destinations: Analysis of a Trend.

Ryan Wells

Come and See the Poor People: The Pursuit of Exotica

Michael Woolf




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